My (1st?) 5 Star Review

I’m excited and humbled that a reader on has given my book a 5-star review. But beyond that, his comments touch on my hopes for the story.

Format: Paperback

I enjoyed the humorous dialogue in this lovely story about brotherhood and hope, bravery and ordinary people getting through those bad things in life, and from an outsider their actions can appear so extraordinary. The book is an easy read. It’s story is meaningful. There is an underlying truth to all of it. What better thing is there to read on a cold February day?

“[This brave man’s] adventures and jokes help many people work through bad luck, not just blind folks,” it says. I can easily see that the storyteller is not only trying to help families who are dealing with blindness. He is offering an outlook on life that turns tragedy on its head and might just as well be applied to the everyday hardships we often experience in life.

But still, imagine skiing blind! Cooking while blind! Meeting a girl when you are blind. What a story this is!